Taking Responsibility

An Open Diary 05/10/2021

A lot of things happened today (at least in my mind XD).

I got really worried about having a blog and more than that an open diary. How can I have content to write every day? Should I worry about having content? This is a diary at the end of the day, so maybe it should matter only to me? Besides that, I got worried about opening too much of my life and all this normal stuff.

So as this is a diary about self-growth and taking responsibility I decided to keep going and not let my fears take the best of me.

I started doing some of the stuff I planned yesterday. Went for my first day at the gym, got in contact with the Portuguese Transport Department to get my driver’s license, studied for more than an hour to get a job at one of the FAANG companies, and discovered the place to do surfing classes.

Some non-planned stuff I started reading how to stop worrying and start living from Dale Carnegie. An amazing thing came from it. Something that seems to come in the perfect time for this diary, I read about how Benjamin Franklin evaluated himself every day, analyzed his shortcomings, and how he could improve.

I decided to do the same thing here.

What I did wrong:

  1. I let my fear of embarrassment get in the way of calling the surf school even if I had the time for it. I need to correct this, calling them tomorrow.
  2. I out of the fear of rejection I ended up not asking for a raise. I should start standing for myself and not letting things go by and hoping for the best.
  3. I’m trying to get into shape and what I do on my first day at the gym? I ate Francesinha (an amazing Portuguese sandwich with a bunch of french fries) for lunch and lasagna as dinner. So props to me I am doing extremely well to get into ball shape :D. Sincerely I need to start eating healthy. On Friday I am getting a meal plan. But even before that, I need to take better care of myself.
  4. I did only 1 exercise at algoexpert. I need to be more dedicated if I want to improve fast and land better jobs quickly.

I need to be consistent and be responsible for everything in my life if I want it to improve.